Why Cape San Blas

Wow!  There are so many answers to this question.  I have lived in this Paradise for over 15 years and still, every morning when I awake, I appreciate every single thing about Cape San Blas!  Yes, you can can appreciate that there are no high rises,  no traffic, two stop lights in Gulf County……but, when I think of Why Cape San Blas? what comes to mind are the wonderful opportunities to mix with nature that many people will never be able to experience their entire life!  I think of turtles nesting, and how much fun it is to go out late in the evening and watch for the Loggerheads, and occassionally a Green Turtle lay their nests.  Or later in the summer, try to be lucky enough to see a hatching!  Bald Eagles are plentiful and it is a treat to watch a bald eagle or osprey fish off the beach!  You will see the occassional bobcat and deer.  The dolphins are visible consistently and love to put on a good show!

I think of the lights of the shrimp boats that you can see in the Gulf of Mexico. The shooting stars and meteors that are clearly visible due to the dark skies. And, even regularly you can actually see the Space Station go by!  My neighbors friends were here, it was the night before NYE and one of the kids said it best.  “WOW, who cares about the ball dropping!  We are watching people go by in the Space Station.”  http://spotthestation.nasa.gov/

As quoted August, 2014 in Southwest Airlines Magazine, “People don’t realize how serene Cape San Blas is.  It’s one of the few places left where you can truly unplug.”

New to us is our wonderful garden.  Who knew you could grow vegetables on the beach?  The other night we lived off of the land.  Caught pompano, flounder and whiting, and ate out of the garden.  When was the last time you thought you could do that?!  There is always something interesting and unique happening in Gulf County.  And, as we like to say……it could only happen here!  Come and join us in wonderland!

Thanks, I hope I have the opportunity to introduce you to Paradise!


What motivates buyers for an investment property or second home?


  • Beach and water sports  26%
  • Boating  17%
  • Hunting and Fishing  15%
  • Golf  10%
  • Biking, Hiking, Horseback  9%
  • Winter Sports  8%
  • Tennis  4%
  • Theme Parks/Gaming  5%

South Gulf County is home to 81% of the Recreation and Lifestyle of this market!!!

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 Source:  National Association of Realtors, Profile of Second Home Owners