Abandoned and stellar.

You Can Check Out A Mysterious Abandoned Ship That Washed Up On A Florida Beach

Abandoned and stellar.

Jannely Espinal

It is possible to see ships from a pier or luxurious yachts while walking around a marina. But, there is a place in Florida where you can actually have the best beach backdrop for your photoshoot without breaking into a private place. If you’re looking for unique hidden gems in South Florida, the Donna Kay is an abandoned ship that washed ashore before Hurricane Michael and has become a bit of a local sensation.

The ship was accidentally beached just before hurricane Michael hit Cape San Blas, FL in 2018. Walking to this beach area is a little far and will require some extra trekking. The Donna Kay was originally a shrimp boat and was abandoned in the fall of 2018.

After the hurricane, the boat was pushed further onto the beach, becoming a tourist attraction for locals. Some people suggest getting there with a four-wheeler, as the vessel is a bit far from the public beach.

But you might be wondering how the ship got to its final destination in the first place. The man who was chartering the boat fell asleep and the shrimp boat beached itself.


Last March, there were people attempting to move the ship but recovery efforts have been unsuccessful. While strongly advised against, visitors sometimes climb on the boat to take pictures.

Cape San Blas offers a great stargazing experience and the vessel against the background is even more stellar. Currently, The Donna Kay has sunken into the sand and it will be difficult for others to remove it from the beach.

The Donna Kay has turned into a local museum for beachgoers seeking an adventure. The vessel is located near the southern tip of the Cape.

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